Exploring Pureos Partners AG’s Immunology Startup Investments


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Pureos Bioventures: A Venture Capital Firm Advancing the Future of Biological Drugs

Pureos Bioventures is a venture capital firm that has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on private innovative drug development companies. Their strategy is not just about investing but making a significant impact on patients’ lives by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with biological drugs and drug formats.

Investment Focus and Geographical Reach

With an investment emphasis on the next generation of biological drugs, Pureos Bioventures is at the forefront of supporting startups that are developing groundbreaking therapeutics for severe diseases. Although based in Switzerland, their portfolio reflects a global outlook, with investments in companies from various regions, showcasing their commitment to innovation without borders.

The Portfolio: A Spectrum of Innovation

The portfolio of Pureos Bioventures boasts an array of companies working on advanced treatments across different areas. From oncology to fibrotic diseases and immunological disorders, they back teams whose development programs promise to make a real difference for patients. For instance, Acrivon Therapeutics’ approach pairs novel cancer drugs with companion diagnostics to personalize treatment effectively. Similarly, Engimmune Therapeutics uses cutting-edge technologies to engineer potent T cell receptor therapies, indicating Pureos’ deep involvement in the immunology startup space.

Backing Startups Transforming Patient Lives

In addition to investing in promising companies like Memo Therapeutics AG and ImCheck Therapeutics, which focus on therapeutic antibodies for infections and cancer treatment respectively, Pureos also supports incubators such as BaseLaunch. This Basel area-based accelerator helps launch exceptional biotech firms in Switzerland, further demonstrating Pureos’ commitment to nurturing early-stage innovation.

A Team United by Passion for Biotech Innovation

The team at Pureos Bioventures brings together seasoned venture capitalists, biotech founders, former pharma executives, research scientists, medical doctors, and drug developers. United by their passion for biotech startups and innovation, they leverage their diverse expertise to guide portfolio companies towards success.


Pureos Partners AG stands out as a venture capital firm deeply invested in advancing medical science through strategic funding of innovative biotech startups. With a particular interest in immunology startups like Engimmune Therapeutics among others in their portfolio, they continue to contribute significantly towards developing new medicines that have the potential to change patient outcomes globally.
Picture source: Shridhar Gupta

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