List of 3 healthcare private equity funds from London [2023]

List of 3 healthcare private equity funds from London [2023]

We compiled a list of private equity investors who use healthcare-related terms in their online content using our large database and keyword crawler. This list, which is easily accessible in Excel format, is an excellent way to contact the most important software investors.

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According to the research, Europe is currently the region with the fastest-growing health tech market internationally, with European health tech companies raising 8.1 Billion € in 2021 and expanding at a rate of 4.9 times faster, London is the primary hub for health tech investment in Europe.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting healthcare-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based healthcare private equity investors list.

1. Agilitas (London)

The British private equity firm Agilitas invests globally in various sectors. One of the core sectors of the company is healthcare. Agilitas completed several acquisitions in the healthcare business with the target of long-term optimization. Among them is the acquisition of Frontier Medical Group, a top global creator and producer of skin and wound care products, particularly those for ulcer prevention.

2. IK Partners (London)

The London-based investment firm IK Partners invests particularly in companies in the business services, consumer, healthcare, and industrial sectors that have demonstrated a strong potential for growth in both domestic and foreign markets. Healthcare counts as the second largest fund of IK Partners, as they are invested in 24 firms and deployed 2.3 Billion € of capital.

3. Kester Capital LLP (London)

Focusing on healthcare, Kester Capital is a UK leading private equity investor. The firm is building its success on a management board, that has worked together since 2002 profiting from accumulated 100+ years of investment experience. Lately, the investment firm completed an investment in GXP Engaged, which is considered a leading provider of Good Clinical/Pharmacovigilance Practice.


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