List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from France [2023]

List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from France [2023]

This article presents the results of our research for the global private equity investors database. Our database and keyword crawler yielded a list of private equity investors who use infrastructure-related keywords on their websites. The Excel file containing this list is a valuable resource for identifying and contacting relevant investors in the field.

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France has invested €100 billion in infrastructure projects through its Plan de Relance to tackle the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The projects aim to boost the country’s economy and contribute to its recovery.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting infrastructure-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based infrastructure private equity investors list.

1. Antin Infrastructure Partners (Paris)

Antin Infrastructure Partners, headquartered in Paris, is a top-tier private equity firm with a focus on infrastructure investments. The company has a global presence, with additional offices in London, New York, Luxembourg, and Singapore. Their investments target the sectors of energy and environment, digital technology, transportation, and social infrastructure. Antin Infrastructure Partners oversees five infrastructure investment funds across Europe and North America. The diversity of their investment sectors and their global reach reflect a comprehensive approach to infrastructure investment, serving a broad spectrum of demands in developed and emerging economies.

2. Ardian (Paris)

Ardian is a private equity company and a major participant in the infrastructure investment industry. The firm’s strategy and investments cover a wide range of areas, which contributes to its position as a world leader in crucial infrastructure development. Ardian’s infrastructure investment strategy is marked by a focus on essential and diverse infrastructure sectors, a dedication to ecological sustainability, technological ingenuity, and a worldwide reach. The company’s endeavors in establishing and handling infrastructure possessions possess noteworthy effects on economic growth and society’s welfare.

3. CICLAD (Paris)

CICLAD, headquartered in Paris, is a prominent participant in the private equity domain, with a primary emphasis on the expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises located in France and overseas. Established in 1988, the firm has completed over 150 operations and currently manages €350 million. In 2016, Ciclad marked its first transaction in the construction sector by completing the acquisition of Edeis. Edeis is a construction firm specializing in construction services, engineering, infrastructure management, and technical services.


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