List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from Spain [2023]

List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from Spain [2023]

This article presents research results for a database of private equity investors on a global scale. A keyword crawler was utilized to compile a list of private equity investors who use terms related to infrastructure on their websites. The Excel spreadsheet provided is freely available and serves as a means to connect with potential industrial investors.

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Over the past five years, Spain has established strong connections with the largest infrastructure markets worldwide, emerging as a global leader in infrastructure M&A. Spanish infrastructure deals have contributed more than 20% of the entire €320 billion deal value for the European infrastructure sector since 2014.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting infrastructure-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based infrastructure private equity investors list.

1. GED Capital (Madrid)

GED Capital, based in Madrid, is a prominent private equity firm specializing in various sectors, including infrastructure. The company invests in various industries, such as infrastructure, transportation, energy, and communications, through private equity. The firm’s real estate investments span Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, and Spain, displaying their extensive geographic scope and diverse sectors. An example of GED Capital’s notable infrastructure-related endeavors is its participation in the Madrid light rail concession. This project, which Ahorro Corporación and its partners initially undertook in 2006 with a €46 million investment, represented GED’s initial exit subsequent to acquiring Ahorro Corporación’s infrastructure unit.

2. Magnum Capital Industrial Partners (Madrid)

Magnum Capital Industrial Partners, a private equity firm headquartered in Madrid, invests in mid-to-upper middle-market Iberian companies and engages in various infrastructure-related activities. Its portfolio includes PRETERSA, a company specializing in precast concrete solutions, IBERWIND, focused on wind energy, and EPTISA, active in civil engineering.

3. Portobello Capital (Madrid)

The Spanish private equity firm Portobello, located in the capital of Spain, operates in various sectors such as the field of infrastructure.
In October 2021, Portobello Capital acquired the infrastructure services division of Ferrovial, a distinguished Spanish company. The acquisition aimed to bolster Ferrovial Servicios’ leadership role in infrastructure and facility management services in Spain. The transaction, valued at approximately $220 million, comprises businesses related to infrastructure maintenance, upkeep, and facility management.

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