List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from the UK [2023]

List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from the UK

This article presents the results of research conducted for a global private equity investor database. We used a keyword crawler to compile a list of private equity investors who utilize infrastructure terminology on their websites. The Excel spreadsheet provided is available for free and can be used to facilitate connections with potential industrial investors.

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The utility infrastructure of London consists of a diverse range of services and facilities that support and facilitate the city’s operation as a global hub. The city’s utilities are regulated and managed by various public and private organizations to ensure efficient and reliable delivery.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting infrastructure-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based infrastructure private equity investors list.

1. Arcus Infrastructure Partners (London)

The London-based private equity firm Arcus Infrastructure Partners is considered an independent infrastructure fund manager with a specific focus on sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, and energy within the European market. AIP focuses on investing in growth equity and managing assets across Europe. Their preferred sectors include transportation, social services, renewable energy, water, and waste management. Recently in 2023, Arcus European Trains was named Sector Leader in the Infrastructure Fund category.

2. Actis (London)

Actis, a private equity firm headquartered in London, places a major emphasis on investments related to infrastructure. Their investment portfolio comprises energy infrastructure, long-term infrastructure, and digital infrastructure. The company has secured a significant amount of funding for infrastructure programs. Actis raised more than $6 billion in 2021 for a novel fund dedicated to energy generation efforts around the world, with a focus on emerging markets. This change indicates a shift in their investment strategy from the usual buyouts to a greater emphasis on infrastructure.

3. 3i Group (London)

The 3i Group, based in London, manages four different funds related to the field of infrastructure (3i Infrastructure plc, BIIF, 3i EOPF, 3i MIA). Their strategy includes maintaining a balanced portfolio of mid-market economic infrastructure investments in developed markets, especially in the UK and Europe. Included in their portfolio a firms, such as DNS:NET, the leading independent telecoms company in Germany. It’s the largest independent fiber-to-the-cabinet network controller in the Berlin area and is constructing a fiber-to-the-home network in Berlin and the adjoining regions.

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