A renewables private equity firm from Denmark: CataCap

A renewables private equity fund from Denmark: CataCap

This article presents the results of research conducted for a global private equity investor database. We used a keyword crawler to compile a list of private equity investors who utilize renewable energy terminology on their websites. The Excel spreadsheet provided is available for free and can be used to facilitate connections with potential industrial investors.

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Denmark has emerged as a global leader in the development and deployment of renewable energy sources, boasting a total installed capacity of 10,340 megawatts as of 2021. The country has placed a strong emphasis on wind energy production and the development of wind turbines.
In this article, we are introducing an interesting renewables-focused private equity fund from our keyword crawler-based renewables private equity investors list.

The private equity firm CataCap, headquartered in Copenhagen, was established in 2012. It invests in companies with an enterprise value ranging up to 1.5 billion DKK and revenues between 200-1000 million DKK. Presently, the firm boasts a considerable array of Danish and international companies in its portfolio.

Renewables as the focus of investment

Focusing on the renewable energy sector and the transitioning of energy, CataCap supports various companies operating in this area. As a result, Nordmark plays a vital role in the expansion and development of the renewable energy sector. Included in their portfolio is Nordmark, a leading provider of CNC machining of mega-sized components for wind energy and other industries. The company primarily produces components for the largest offshore wind turbines, covering both Siemens (SG11) and Vestas (V174). The company currently has a workforce of approximately 170 individuals positioned across four sites near OEM assembly hubs in Germany (Cuxhaven) and Denmark (Sæby, Hedensted, and Skagen).


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