List of renewables private equity funds from Norway [2023]

List of 3 renewables private equity funds from Norway [2023]

This post is the result of our study for our global private equity investor database. Our database and keyword crawler have been utilized to create a list of private equity investors who employ language linked to renewable energy on their websites. The readily available Excel spreadsheet simplifies getting in touch with potentially beneficial investors in the industry.

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Norway’s green energy agreements and grid connections with neighboring countries enable it to offer the region a substantial amount of low-cost, zero-emissions energy. The majority of Norway’s electricity is generated through renewables, with hydropower accounting for over 90% of the power supply.
In this article, we are introducing two interesting renewables-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based renewables private equity investors list.

1. HitecVision (Stavanger)

HitecVision is a leading private equity firm in supporting businesses related to the energy industry. The target of the investment company is to raise companies operating in the niche of energy production, infrastructure, or similar.  Starting over 30 years ago investing in the oil industry, HitecVision today concentrates its forces on the energy transition and renewables. Partnering up with the Norwegian aims to support the development of new green industries in their country. The surplus of renewable energy, available space, and a large and advanced offshore energy cluster are essential in driving forward their projects for the future.

2. Herkules Capital (Oslo)

Hercules is considered a leading Norwegian private equity firm and invests in Nordic, mainly Norwegian companies. Since 2004, the investment company established four funds concentrating on the areas of energy, industrial technology, services, consumer goods & retail, and healthcare & pharma. Plug Power, a business included in the portfolio of Herkules, revolutionized the industry with its user-friendly GenKey solution. The solution is geared towards enhancing productivity, reducing operational costs, and cutting carbon footprint in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


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