List of 3 renewables private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

List of 3 renewables private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

Our research for the worldwide private equity investor database has led us to this post. Through the use of our database and keyword crawler, we have compiled a list of private equity investors who utilize renewable-related language on their online platforms. The Excel spreadsheet facilitates reaching out to potentially valuable investors in the sector and is easily accessible.

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The renewable energy capacity in Sweden has steadily increased over the past decade. Within the period of 2010 to 2021, the total renewable capacity installed in the country rose from 22.7 to 34.6 gigawatts. In the year 2021, renewables contributed to 63 percent of the total energy consumption in Sweden.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting renewables-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based renewables private equity investors list.

1. Altor (Stockholm)

Altor is a private equity company headquartered in Stockholm but with offices in the whole Nordic and the DACH region. Focusing on environmental aspects, Altor’s commitment to ESG has a significant impact on the operations of the company. As the investment firm has its origin in Scandinavia, it is located in the region of some of the world’s most exciting climate initiatives. In 2023, Altor took part in one of the largest private placements in Europe, as H2 Green Steel, a business accelerating the decarbonization of the steel industry using green hydrogen, raised €1.5 Billion from an investor group led by Altor, GIC, Hy24 and Just Climate. This green steel is also used to support the renewables sector by implementing the construction of the piping and tubing.

2. Priveq (Stockholm)

Founded in 1983, the Swedish private equity firm Priveq concentrates its forces on investments in the Nordic region. Priveq not only invests through its funds but also supports crowdfunding initiatives, such as Trine. Trine is a crowd-funding initiative where private individuals invest in small-scale solar energy projects. Supporting this initiative Priveq invested 2020 in a solar project based in Africa, providing electricity to underdeveloped regions.

3. Trill Impact (Stockholm)

Trill Impact is a Stockholm-based so-called impact house managing around 1.2 Billion € worth of assets. Investing for impact and returns in everything from the potential entrepreneur to the ground-breaking start-up to existing businesses, Trill Impact supports businesses capable of having an environmental and social impact while also delivering competitive financial profits. Trill Impact also is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN operating towards accelerating positive change.

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