List of renewables private equity funds from Belgium [2023]

List of renewables private equity funds from Belgium [2023]

The research we conducted for our global database of private equity investors led us to this post. Utilizing our database and keyword crawler, we’ve compiled a roster of private equity investors who incorporate renewable-related verbiage on their online presence. The Excel file enables outreach to the most germane investors in the sector and is conveniently accessible.

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Belgium has proposed an 18.3% contribution to the EU renewable energy target for 2030, aimed at achieving energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy by that year.
In this article, we are introducing two interesting renewables-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based renewables private equity investors list.

1. LRM (Hasselt)

LRM is an investment firm dedicated to fostering and encouraging economic development in the Limburg region. The investment focus is centered on young, innovative companies of this region, that exhibit the potential for international growth. LRM focuses on mobility and climate programs, contributing to the long-term maintenance and expansion of employment in Limburg. Investments in cutting-edge businesses, startups, and knowledge infrastructure support the creation of new knowledge.

2. Buysse & Partners (Antwerp)

Buysse & Partners, an independent investment group, was founded in 2008. Taking a macroeconomic viewpoint into account, the company collaborates with its investors to make long-term investments in Europe and Latin America. Focusing on renewables B & P is invested in several businesses in this industry, such as Blommaert. By incorporating lightweight solar panels into its systems, the company hopes to accomplish the reduction of fuel costs and carbon emissions can be achieved by mounting solar panels on sunroofs or hatches in the shipping industry.


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