List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

List of 3 infrastructure private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

The article presents the study’s findings, based on a global database of private equity investors. Using a keyword crawler, the database categorized infrastructure-related terminologies and identified private equity investors whose websites included such terms. The accompanying Excel file provides a list of relevant investors in this field, which can be used as a reference for locating and connecting with them.

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The Swedish government has recently revealed a national infrastructure investment plan, valued at SEK 881 billion, which is set to be spent between 2022 and 2027. The purpose of this unprecedented investment is to upgrade and advance the country’s infrastructure.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting infrastructure-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based infrastructure private equity investors list.

1. Trill Impact (Stockholm)

Trill Impact, an impact house based in Stockholm, manages approximately €1.2 billion in assets. The company invests in potential entrepreneurs, ground-breaking start-ups, and existing businesses while supporting those capable of delivering environmental and social impact alongside competitive financial profits.
Since 2022, Trill Impact has invested in Infrakraft Sverige AB, a rapidly expanding market leader in sustainable infrastructure development. The firm primarily concentrates on railway systems and other associated infrastructure segments, including roads, tunnels, groundwork, and other infrastructure projects.

2. EQT Partners GmbH (Stockholm)

EQT Partners, a Stockholm-headquartered private equity firm, has been investing for over 30 years in various locations, industries, and approaches. The company’s portfolio firms have grown on average by 7% in terms of employees, 17% in revenue, and 18% in EBITDA annually during the last five years. EQT runs two funds specifically devoted to infrastructure – EQT Active Core Infrastructure and EQT Value-Add Infrastructure.

3. Altor (Stockholm)

Altor Equity Partners is recognized for its concentration on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments, with a major presence in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and the DACH region. The company is renowned for its private equity investments. Altor’s acquisition of an 80% stake in Kommunalkredit Austria AG is a significant infrastructure investment. This step indicates that Altor has entered into a partnership with the bank’s current owners and management, strengthening their mutual ambition to establish Kommunalkredit as a primary sustainable infrastructure bank in Europe.



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