List of infrastructure private equity funds in the Netherlands [2023]

List of infrastructure private equity funds in the Netherlands [2023]

The article presents the study’s findings, based on a global database of private equity investors. Using a keyword crawler, the database categorized infrastructure-related terminologies and identified private equity investors whose websites included such terms. The accompanying Excel file provides a list of relevant investors in this field, which can be used as a reference for locating and connecting with them.

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In 2022, the Dutch government expended about 6.63 billion euros on infrastructure. Forecasts indicate an increase in spending to 6.89 billion euros by 2024.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting infrastructure-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based infrastructure private equity investors list.

1. Mentha (Amsterdam)

Mentha Capital, a private equity company situated in Amsterdam, focuses on investing in profitable, mid-sized enterprises with evident growth prospects in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Regarding the field of infrastructure, Mentha has made a significant investment by partnering with Van Vulpen, a prominent infrastructure contractor based in the Netherlands. Van Vulpen specializes in underground network infrastructure and is recognized for its skills in performing horizontal directional drilling. This technique enables pipes and cables to be installed underground over long distances, causing minimal harm to the environment.

2. HPE Growth (Amsterdam)

HPE Growth, a private equity firm based in Amsterdam, concentrates on investments to deploy equity of €10-45 million per company and targets firms with turnovers ranging from €10 to 100 million. The company may acquire either a minority or majority stake in these firms. With assets under management exceeding €500 million, HPE Growth holds a notable position in the investment sector, particularly in the Northern European areas of energy, the Internet of Things, and software sectors. The company has established a significant presence that merits recognition.

3. Avedon GmbH (Amsterdam)

Avedon, located in Amsterdam, concentrates on investing in quickly expanding firms undergoing a turning point where a fusion of equity investment, specialized knowledge, and hands-on assistance can remarkably heighten shareholder worth. Avedon was founded in 2003, as a division of the Netherlands-based merchant bank NIBC. They have successfully raised numerous funds including Avedon I, II, III, and IV, with each growing in commitments over time. The company currently operates from its offices located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Düsseldorf, Germany.


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