List of 3 software private equity funds from London [2023]

List of 3 software private equity funds from London [2023]

This article has emerged directly from our research into our global database of private equity investors. Through the utilization of this database and our keyword crawler, we’ve assembled a directory of private equity investors who incorporate software-related terminology on their websites. This list, conveniently offered in Excel format, serves as a valuable tool for reaching out to the most relevant investors in the software industry.

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London’s financial district is a global financial center that plays a pivotal role in financing software and technology ventures. In this article, we are introducing three interesting software-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based software private equity investors list.

1. Kester Capital LLP (London)

Kester Capital is a London-based private equity investor that forces its focus on the sectors of healthcare, information & data, and technology businesses. The 2012-founded company is reaching out to businesses within the range of 10-100 Million £ enterprise value which need support to unlock their potential. Just in June 2022, Kester assured their continuing support to Obtibrium, a developer of software for drug discovery. The latest investment is used to advance the development of Optibrium’s computer-aided drug discovery technologies.

2. Bowmark Capital (London)

Bowmark Capital, a British private equity firm, considers the building of the service and technology sector as its main target. Since 1997, their team has made investments in more than 50 mid-market companies. An important acquisition to mention is Pirum. Pirum’s SaaS platform, which serves 180+ users, facilitates the processing of 3.5 Trillion $ in trades and collateral daily.

3. Albion Capital Group (London)

Specializing in the sectors of technology and healthcare, the Albion Capital Group leverages long-term trends that anticipate and generate sustained value. Their investments range from seed to Series B in high-growth companies in the UK. With the recent promotion of Marco Yu, the former Head of Renewables, Albion Capital adds depth of expertise in the topic technologies of renewable energy production and storage to their management board.


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