List of 3 succession private equity funds from France [2023]

List of 3 succession private equity funds from France [2023]

This document provides a succinct overview of the evaluation of the worldwide private equity investor database. We utilized a keyword crawler to pinpoint private equity investors featuring succession-related language on their web pages. The resultant comprehensive Excel spreadsheet permits precise targeting of pertinent investors operating within the succession industry sector.

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Succession planning in private equity is a vital process that guarantees leadership continuity and organizational stability. It has particular significance in the fast-moving and high-risk universe of private equity-backed businesses.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting succession-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based succession private equity investors list.

1. Montefiore Investment (Paris)

Montefiore Investment is a private equity company located in Paris. It was established in 2005 and is acknowledged as a prominent fund for service SMEs and mid-cap firms. Founded by Éric Bismuth, the company concentrates on investing in established, profitable small and medium-sized enterprises across several industries. Montefiore Investment’s investment strategy primarily focuses on acquiring majority stakes in growth buyouts, encompassing transactions that comprise both equity and debt, as well as growth capital transactions. Functioning independently with a team of 36 staff members, Montefiore Investment utilizes its proficiency and economic resources to facilitate business expansion and enhance its market position.

2. Pechel (Paris)

Pechel Industries Partenaires, situated in Paris, is an autonomous management firm specializing in equity investments in non-public organizations. The company’s focus lies on French small and medium-sized enterprises, cherry-picked for their ability to grow. Pechel Industries Partenaires collaborates with these SMEs in proximity to aid their advancement and sustainable transformation, incorporating social and environmental factors into their business strategies. Over 20 years, the company has secured more than €642 million from esteemed French and global investors, mainly from institutions. Their investment philosophy is not limited to financial backing but also encompasses offering operational support to drive companies toward new heights of growth. This support includes the incorporation of a crucial succession strategy.

3. CICLAD (Paris)

Ciclad is a Paris-based private equity firm that specializes in middle-market investments. Its investment focus is on French companies across diverse sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, business services, consumer goods, and healthcare. Ciclad’s investment strategy involves acquiring significant minority or majority stakes in companies to promote their expansion and progress. For over 30 years, our company has invested between €1m and €20m in enterprises valued at €2m to €60m in all economic sectors throughout France and overseas.



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