List of 3 succession private equity funds from the UK [2023]

List of 3 succession private equity funds from the UK [2023]

This document presents a brief overview of the assessment of the global private equity investor database. By using a keyword crawler, we identified private equity investors with succession-related terminology on their websites. The resulting comprehensive Excel spreadsheet enables focused targeting of relevant investors within the succession sector.

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Succession planning in private equity is a vital process that guarantees leadership continuity and organizational stability. It has particular significance in the fast-moving and high-risk universe of private equity-backed businesses.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting succession-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based succession private equity investors list.

1. H2 Equity Partners Ltd. (London)

H2 Equity Partners, established in 1991, is a renowned Western European investment company with a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Benelux regions. Over the last three decades, H2 Equity Partners has accumulated expertise in almost all sectors, facilitating swift evaluation of transaction opportunities. H2 provides support for businesses across various areas. A noteworthy instance is Hancocks, a confectionery business owned by a family, which experienced a succession predicament due to the lack of a family member to oversee and develop the business further, resulting in the resolution to sell it overall. In November 2012, H2 Equity Partners took over Hancocks as they acknowledged its potential for additional progress and expansion. The succession plan was implemented effectively, enabling the initial CEO to shift to the role of non-executive chairman, ultimately retiring upon H2’s departure from the company.

2. Sovereign Capital Partners (London)

Sovereign Capital Partners, headquartered in London, is an esteemed private equity firm that focuses on investing in mid-market service industries. Its key investment emphasis lies in service sectors, including healthcare, education, and business support services. The firm collaborates with the management teams of such companies to accelerate their growth, be it through organic or strategic acquisitions. Hence, the firm frequently addresses the succession strategy of its investments. Sovereign Capital Partners’ methodology for succession highlights strategic planning, teamwork, and the hiring of vital staff to guarantee seamless transitions and persistent development of the companies they invest in.

3. Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP (London)

Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP, established in 1999 and based in London, collaborates with ambitious and entrepreneurial management teams to expedite growth. The company is renowned for its notable standing in the European mid-market private equity industry. It possesses a sturdy portfolio, endorsing more than 100 enterprises, and is acknowledged for propelling substantial progress. Typically, the firms they team up with observe their personnel count double and revenue escalate by 21% year on year. Their investment size ranges from £10m to £400m and they are involved in diverse sectors, such as consumer goods, business services, healthcare, industrials, technology, and financial services.



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